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Easycleaning® Floors and Surfaces+ - 5L


Easycleaning® FLOOR & SURFACES+ is a disinfectant detergent without aldehyde and without EDTA intended for surfaces, furniture, medical equipment and Class I medical devices (medical beds, wheelchairs, stethoscopes, dentist's chairs...) for medical, food and collective industries.

Easycleaning® SOLS ET SURFACES + is conform with the 08/09/1999 Decree and subsequent texts, regarding equipment cleaning products that may come into contact with foodstuffs.

Biocidal product, TP2 registered under the number 41009.


Preparation based on non-ionic surfactant, didecyldimethylammonium chloride CASE N°. 7173-51-5 (5% m/m), polyhexamethylene biguanide CASE N°. 27083-2 7-8 (1.6% m/m) and complexing agent.

How to use

In sweeping or mopping, wet washing, organic cleaning.

Dilute the product to 0.25% (a dose of 20 ml for a bucket of 8 L)

Do not rinse, except on surfaces in contact with foodstuffs.

Compatible with auto-washer in concentrations of <= 0.5%.

Clean equipment used with water.

Microbiological properties

Bactericidal: Contact time 5 to 15 min (see datasheet)

Fungicidal: Contact time 5 to 15 min (see datasheet)

Virucidal: contact time 15 min (see datasheet)

Conditioning: sold individually - 5.5kg

Shelf life : 36 months

Diluted product can be kept to one week in a clean bottle, closed and identified in the conditions described in the safety datasheet, if not keep the diluted product 24 hours maximum.