Fabricio Mello

Fabricio Mello

Fabricio Mello, rocker at heart, discovered at an early age a passion for tattoos. After being several times under the needle, Fabricio grabbed his first machine in 1998 and began tattooing with Leandro Vargas, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. 4 Years later, he opened his first solo shop, Casa De Leoes (first of its name) in Porto Alegre, while continuing to work as light designer.

He sets foot on French soil for the first time in 2004 during a music festival and meets Emilie, his future wife who becomes his partner several years later. Finally he settles in France to join her and in 2011, Casa De Leoes opens its doors in Nantes.

Since then, Fabricio has not lost (or Fabricio never lost) his globetrotting side as he is present on many conventions and guests all around the world.

Fabricio MelloFabricio MelloFabricio MelloFabricio MelloFabricio MelloFabricio MelloFabricio MelloFabricio Mello

Matteo Pasqualin

Matteo Pasqualin

Matteo PasqualinMatteo PasqualinMatteo PasqualinMatteo Pasqualin

Julien Thibers

Julien Thibers

I started tattooing in 2001, trained by Jeff Tournai and Serge Albertville and opened my shop Clockwork Needle in Epinal, city which I am from, in 2002. After several years confined in my shop, I decided to participate in conventions, the first being Belfort which was then organized by Mike the Buddha. With this experience I worked hard to integrate other conventions and gradually I began to work abroad. I discovered painting at the same time and met Sylvain Loisant Painter Vitellois. This meeting was decisive and revolutionized my vision of things and my tattooing. Today I try to make both worlds meet and in the near future I would like to devote more time to art in general.

It is now more than 5 years since I exclusively use the Easytattoo® aftercare range. After many healing inconveniences associated with the use of different pharmaceutical products, I solely adovocate the Easytattoo® Aftercare Kit, the soft cleansing gel is gentle and efficient, and the cream is perfect, it does not stain, does not clog skin pores and leaves skin feeling moisturized for a long time even in very thin layers. Its value for money is perfect. It's simple; to this day I can only guarantee the proper healing of a tattoo with the use of this kit.

Julien ThibersJulien ThibersJulien ThibersJulien ThibersJulien Thibers

Jean-Pierre Mottin

Jean-Pierre Mottin

10 years ago, after studying art in Saint-Luc (Liège), Jean-Pierre Mottin decides to go into tattooing. Self-taught, he tries his hand in several tattoo studios, including Calypso Tattoo, where he evolves alongside Daniel Di Mattia. If his inspiration comes from African graphics, Jean-Pierre likes to quote tattoo artists Xhoil or Jondix, the artist Yves Klein and the painter Piet Mondrian when asked about his influences. In 2010, he began to pay close attention to dot work techniques and it’s in this same year that he does his first piece in that particular style. Jean-Pierre explains that he finds in this meticulous work, a great interest and a sort of “relaxation” and “self-hypnosis” caused by the concentration required by this type of piece. Four years later, having refined the work of the dot, the tattoo artist decides to open his own studio named “Grizzly Inc” in the city where he began : Liège.

Finally, with his experience behind him, it’s in 2013 that he decides to have a go on the other side of the fence, by hosting dozens of artists each year during the Tox Cit’Ink, tattoo convention in Liège.

"The EASY STUFF stencil transfer gel revolutionized the way I use a stencil. From the very first use, I knew I couldn’t live without it."

Jean-Pierre MottinJean-Pierre MottinJean-Pierre MottinJean-Pierre Mottin

Julien (Te Mana Tattoo)

Julien (Te Mana Tattoo)

«I’m Julien from Te Mana Tattoo, I’m 38 years old and have been a tattoo artist for a little over 20 years. I was born in France and grew up in Tahiti where I studied Marquesan art and more particularly Polynesian tattoo art for several years.

Back in France in late 2000, I quickly opened my studio in the south of France in Montpellier. My greatest achievement is without a doubt winning a prize at the Mondial du Tatouage in Paris in 2015.»

Jean-Pierre MottinJean-Pierre Mottin

Teodor Milev

Teodor Milev (681 TATTOOS)

Born in 1985 in Bulgaria, Teodor Milev began his career in 2001 in Sofia.

He arrives in France in 2005 and works in several shops in Lyon, passing through the south of France. At the end of 2013 he opens his shop 681 Tattoos, in Lyon. Teo's favorite style is Black and Gray Realism, but he also tends towards Japanese.

"I have been recommending the Easytattoo® Kit for many years. For me this kit is essential because it guarantees me an impeccable finish."

Teodor MilevTeodor MilevTeodor Milev

Michaël Taguet

Michaël Taguet

I was bathed in the tattoo industry from 18 years old, training in the uncle’s shop (sweeping, cleaning, sterilization, welding needles). I was able to buy the shop in 2009 where I actually started tattooing all sorts of tattoos. Then, I started specializing in realism in 2014 and developed my techniques meeting people during my various guest spots and conventions. I now work in a Private studio in my small village in the Loire.

I tried all kinds of healing methods, I now use the Easytattoo® cream as it gave me the most convincing results. It is comfortable for my customers, as well as for application during the healing period.

I also advise the Easytattoo® Sunblock Stick, because the sun is an enemy to tattoos! Its easy travel format allows you to protect your tattoos at any time during sunny days.

I am honored to be under the Easyteam banner !

Michaël Taguet Michaël Taguet Michaël Taguet Michaël Taguet

Laurent Zucca

Laurent Zucca

Tattoo artist Laurent Z was born in 1977 in Marseille. He has always lived in the south of France. He is 1m85 tall for a 110kg at the weigh-in, "a nice baby" as he puts it. He is also a graduate of an applied arts and interior design school.

As a self-taught tattoo artist, he draws his inspiration and technique from his encounters and travels, constantly evolving : he believes that we keep learning as time goes on.

His style is a mixture of graphic, ethnic and Japanese. He is very fond of symmetry. He defines himself as a "tattoo cooker".

"The main thing is to have an exchange with the person getting tattooed, and that the piece they are going to wear is anatomical."

With Easytattoo® Protect, the healing is done in a humid environment, the aim of which is to avoid the creation of scabs so no need for retouching. The healing is quickened. It keeps the skin elastic, avoiding tightness. The film allows the skin to breathe where an improperly applied cream will clog the pores. Easytattoo® Protect is for me the best healing solution and the one I use for my own tattoos as well as my work.

Laurent Zucca Laurent Zucca Laurent Zucca Laurent Zucca

Manu Durand

Manu Durand

I opened my first shop in 1998 in Carling in Moselle France, where I tattooed until 2 years ago. Since, I have moved 50 meters further down in a large house entirely dedicated to Tattoo Art: Realist'ink Tattoo! We are a team of 6 tattoo artists and we regularly receive several guests from all over France.

I started to do conventions in 2000, which I still do today in France and abroad. At these conventions, I have the chance to meet great artists, some of whom have become very good friends.

I have perfected myself in realistic portraits as it is a style I especially enjoy.

I discovered the Easytattoo® cream in convention, about 4 years ago. I first tried it on myself and since, satisfied with the product; recommend only this to my customers. Moisturizing and non-greasy, it is the ideal cream for tattoo aftercare.

Manu Durand Manu Durand Manu Durand

Diego Moraes

Diego Moraes Diego Moraes Diego MoraesDiego Moraes

Jérôme Crazycaps

Jérôme Crazycaps Jérôme Crazycaps Jérôme CrazycapsJérôme Crazycaps Jérôme Crazycaps

David Roduit

David Roduit

David Roduit David Roduit David RoduitDavid Roduit