Why suggest EASYPIERCING® and EASYTATTOO® in your studio ?

You are a professional of the body industry and you take care of your customers ?
Quality healing of your tattoos and piercing matters you ?

EasyPiercing® and EasyTattoo® aftercare are right for you !

Prevention + good general hygiene + tailored care = optimum recovery and a perfect result.
To optimize the aftercare and hygiene of your tattoos and piercings, offer Easytattoo® & Easypiercing® in your studio and enjoy the many benefits associated with the sale of our products. 

Studio Benefits

  • An additional service for your customers.
  • A customized solution through the different packages available.
  • Managed aftercare.
  • Additional turnover.
  • Useful sales tools available for free (posters, stickers, displays, consumer cards, tranfer tattoos...)

Consumer Benefits

  • Care available immediately 
  • Attractive sale prices.
  • Products specially developed for the aftercare of tattoos and piercings.

Product Advantages

  • French manufacturing. 
  • Pharmaceutical quality. 
  • Proven effectiveness*.

Packaging Advantages

  • Pump bottle "airless" or spray = Safety.
  • No direct contact with hands = No cross contamination.
  • Packaging adapted to aftercare = Economical. 

*Efficiency studies conducted by independent dermatological laboratories.